Knitifying around Town

31 03 2010

Lots today. Brilliant new idea for something fast to make and fast to place… coat hook cozies! This one is at the Bean Scene in the bathroom. I love it!

The flower garden on Main Street is really starting to bloom. Here is the garden from a few different angles.
And finally, a little red stocking for something over at the bus pickup at Beirsto school.
Also, I’m still looking for ideas of what to knitify in Vancouver and Victoria. Some of the suggestions have been the VAG and BC Ferries.  I have a whole car ride tomorrow to knit up something knice.
Knitified out.

To Keep Benches Snuggly

24 03 2010

This one is from yesterday afternoon! I’m also working on flowers for the light post garden. Hopefully I’ll have a whole bunch for next week. I’ll need to get more magnets though…

Oh yeah, and I’ll be passing through Vancouver and Victoria over Easter weekend, so heads up to yarn bombers out west: I plan knitify your fair cities!

I’d love some suggestions for where and what could/should be knitified. Let me know what you think!

Spring is Almost Here! I Love the Flowers on Main Street!

12 03 2010

Springtime is almost here! The first flowers are poking out… This garden will grow as spring gets warmer.

An Escapade with Hawksley Workman’s Tour Bus or; When a yarn bomb fails, and you have to ask permission, is it still a yarn bomb?

8 03 2010
So last night, I went to go see Hawksley Workman with my lady B (who is rad). Intro by Lonely was seriously fucking radical. We had lots of fun screaming like little girls when the Man himself came on stage. Dude with the violin was great and I would totally go see him perform solo. Overall show was excellent and we loved every minute.
After the show, our plan was to yarn bomb the tour bus, so we brought some little magnetic knitted magnet things and we were going to casually walk past the bus and stick them to the door and take off and no one would be none the wiser that we had done it.  It didn’t actually happen that way.  Turns out that buses these days are made of fibreglass and shit, like most other vehicles, so this how it actually went down (with some embellishment):
Me: Fuck, they don’t stick to this shit.
B: Crap.  What do we do?
Me: Those roadies are watching us, let’s go figure this out.
B: Okay, what if we’re just honest and tell them.
Me: That might just work.
(we walk over to the roadies)
Me: You’re roadies, right?
Roadie 1 (with dreads): Uh, yea?
Me: Okay, here’s the deal. We have these little knitted magnets. We were going to stick them to the bus and go.
Roadie 1: We thought you were trying to break into the bus
Roadie 2 (clean cut): And it’s not magnetic?
Me: No, it’s made of vinyl or something. Can we just give these magnets to you since they won’t stick to the bus?
B: We’re doing knitted graffitti and we wanted to tag the tour bus.
(both roadies laugh at this)
Roadie 2: Knitted graffiti?!? That’s rad!
Me: Yea, it was supposed to be sneaky, but since this shit isn’t working, we gotta ask your permission.
Roadie 2: There must be someplace on this bus to stick them
Me: I think it’s crap. There’s no metal anywhere.
Roadie2: What about the bolts [on the equipment trailer]
Me and B; Right on!
So here’s pictures from that. Cool! Thanks roadies, you guys are the shit, my bruthas! I gotta say that the Hawk has some solid roadies to flow with that. I think we probably looked like some crazy groupies at first, but we just wanted to yarnbomb the bus.
So then, we mosied on over to the parkade and stuck this one:
After that, we got up to some other shenanigans with a tree at the Kelowna Law Courts:
 …and a light standard (that WAS magnetic!!!)

Nothing was open after this, and we were HUNGRY, so we ended up at Boston Pizza and watched the dog show on TSN, which was both weird and wonderful. And that’s how we ended the night.

Plan to Knitify Kelowna

7 03 2010

Tomorrow night I’m going to kelowna to go see Hawksley Workman (oh dear!) with my girl B.  This little piece will shortly thereafter appear wrapped around some object.  And I think I’ll have a couple smaller pieces too, but I’ll make them tomorrow morning. I thought it might be fun to make small pieces backed with magnets, so that I could pitch them at tall metal objects (i.e.: light standards) way higher than I could reach and you’d need a ladder to get them down. Or a fireman.
Anyway, I can picture B and me pitching knitted magnets at telephone poles and the like. Should be fun. I’ll have to get some crazy glue first thing in the morning so they can be made, glued, and then dry in time for the fun.  I’ll take pictures.

Knitified, Bitch!

4 03 2010
Okay, so I will resolve for the month of March to be more vigilant in always knitting knitting knitting so as to have a ready stash of knitifications ready to knitify. I’d like to have a few in my bag ready to go at any time.

Here’s one for the meantime. After putting this up, for a job well done, the meemats lady and I tried to do a celebratory jumping hi5 but brutally failed. Didn’t quite end up with hands jammed in faces, but it was close. Laughed so hard I almost peed myself.

Fun times…

This is me showing off the tag.

Trailer Park Boys – Slowly but Surely!

1 03 2010

So when I started this project, I had WAY more time and I could do 2 inches in one go, but this weekend I had time for 2 rows and that’s it.  So the progress is slow, but it’s coming along.  I think it’s starting to look REALLY FUCKING COOL! I’m super happy with it so I wanna show it off a bit.
Don’t worry though – I’m also working on a tree cozy for some little sapling that needs some love. Maybe up for tomorrow night after stitch n bitch.

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