One more thing…

16 02 2010

And, it totally slipped my mind, but was brought to my attention by a buddy:

Gung Hay Fa Choi!


Bonus pictures since I’m being slow with new shit.

15 02 2010

I Love Lucy! That is all.
Actually, no, it’s not. Here’s a picture of my intarsia project…Um, this is the project I chose so that I could learn intarsia.  First time ever.  Overly ambitious? Maybe.  But I’m having a good time.  The Trailer Park Boys popped my intarsia cherry. I love you, Ricky (on theme), Julian and Bubbles (not on theme). Kitties are so nice! Kitties would love to play with my knitting.

You can see that I’m not the tidiest knitter in the world. It looks a bit like hamburger, doesn’t it?  Bobbins?!? Who the hell needs bobbins? I can make sense of it in all of it’s spaghetti-like splendor.  It’s done when you can throw it at a wall and it sticks, right?

Anyway, that’s how my brain works. Spastic or spacial.  You decide.

This is Sylvia9000, out.

Okay, Ricky, Here’s One For Ya!

3 02 2010

Dear Ricky,
Here you go!  With love from Lucy!


The pedestrian entrance to Polson Park from Hwy 6.  More coming soon. I’m making an entrelac knitification, so that should be out about town soon.  Further to this, now that the entrelac process has been demystified, I’ve decided that I hate it and never wanna do it again.  Ever.  Fuck it. I’ll take lace any day.

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