Yay! Handmade!

9 12 2009

I think this is the greatest thing ever!
I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org


Flowers make the Tree think it’s Spring.

9 12 2009

All the trees are hers… as the song goes.
This little tree outside the Tolko building has been adorned with flowers and she loves it!
Picture sucks (this is the best one and you can hardly see the blossoms), but the tree looks happy in all of the sparkling December night lights…  It was so cold while I did this that my fingers were numb and I couldn’t feel my bum. You can’t tie knots whilst wearing mittens and it was -15C and windy.  So off came the mitts and out came the fingers and I could barely use the camera after doing so. 

Knitted peeny is gone as of Monday night or Tuesday morning this week… 

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