Knitified Hugkumsmog

30 11 2009
Oh dear! 
Okay, Knitified is not saying where this one is.  It’s quite obvious driving past it heading south.  Stands right out, actually, and not just because it’s a big pink weenis.  I’ve been looking at the stub on this tree for a while thinking to myself… hugkumsmog!  Now it’s done.  I wonder how long it stays there?

One More Warm Goddess

20 11 2009
May her sacred head stay warm.

Knitified Strikes Goddess!

20 11 2009

Okay, so I’ve been really busy teaching sock classes and basic knitting, so I haven’t had much to put up lately.  But here’s one.  A tiny hat to keep this little goddess warm.  She seems to like it.

Oh.  And as pointed out to me, the nuts on PV are no longer warm.  Boo to the maker of cold nuts!  Those nuts deserve to be warm!  Oh well, I guess they made a few weeks of a go there.  Better than the red ones, right?

Knitified Out.

Knitified Tree

4 11 2009

Now this tree will be warm!  And she’ll never be confused about who did this to her.

On nutwarmers and other things.

2 11 2009

The black nut warmers on PV are still there.  Two of the pink ones in Polson Park, however, have been ganked.  One disappeared two weeks ago, and one disappeared this weekend (halloween).  Of course, one of them is the one with the little note about keeping warm nuts.

I’m working on an Extraordinary Series of Literary Knitifications!  I can’t unveil any of them yet, I want them all to go up together, but here’s a hint: Think Paradise Lost.  Think Rape of the Lock.  Think Beowulf.

In the meantime, here’s a fun project.  It’ll be for a branch on a tree.  The next one I make will be a pop-cultural reference.  Maybe the Simpsons?  We’ll see. 

Also included in today’s entry: a couple daytime shots from one of the October nighttime knitifications.


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