Gingerbread Zombies Invade Christmas!

21 12 2010

Hello loves,

Let me start this long-overdue post with a disclaimer:


With that out of the way, I will now give excuses as to why I haven’t been doing much in the way of knitification…  First,  this has been keeping me really busy:

Her name is Kailee and we adopted her the week after we got home from New Zealand.  She’s German SheppardxWolfxLab and the BEST PUPPY EVER!!!

And I’ve been working on making gingerbread zombies with the Man.  Gingerdead men, if you will.  It took us a whole day, and we finished by being too stuffed full of cookie dough and candies to want dinner, but I cooked a proper meal and made us eat it anyway.

So you can see we took some inspiration from 28 Weeks Later (I think the screaming man running through the back yard being chased by the armless zombie is Robert Carlyle, and the one of the roof, doomed to either being eaten alive or jumping from the roof and risking a broken leg is his wife.  Either way, she’s as good as zombie.  And okay, the “HELP” on the roof is probably more likely a reference to 28 Days Later (end scene), but whatever.  My favourite part was the Man turning to me after I finished decorating the lady on the roof and saying “You’re better at this.  Can you fix my gore torso?”  Then we proudly displayed that carnage by the front door.  And oh do we ever have ideas for next year’s gingerbread house… Stay tuned, boys and girls.

The other thing keeping me busy has been my Christmas knitting.  I finished a lace shawl for my mommy.

I’m very proud of it and managed to keep it a secret until right this very moment, when she came up behind me at work and said “Oh that’s pretty, did you make that?”  Me: uh, no… I found it on the internet.  Her: “Well it’s very pretty, I sure like the rainbow colours”  At least I know she likes it!

Also I’m working on a Cowichan sweater for my daddy.  So, it won’t be ready for Christmas (I haven’t even bought the yarn yet, but I have to go to Kelowna) but I’ll draw him a nice picture of it.  And it’s not really a Cowichan sweater in the traditional sense.  I’m using a vintage pattern as a template, but it’s going to be a cross between a Cowichan and some vintage Moto Guzzi race sweater that exists on the internet (and in some cool book my dad has) but which I can’t find just now.  I still have to alter my graph a bit, so there’s not much to show right now…

The last thing I have to knit up is a tea cozy for my Gramma.  It’s my own design inspired by the Mason Dixon dish cloth (tea towel?).  I’ve only cast-on this morning and I have to make a place holder toque for my dad, so I hope I get them done in time!

Well, I guess that’s it for now.

knitified* out.


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