We Don’t Knit for Hate – Yarnbomb Documentary

18 04 2011

Hello loves,

This is just a quick post to let you know about something really cool.  There’s going to be a yarnbomb documentary coming out!  You can learn more about it and donate help the team fund the project here:


I will definitely be sending in a donation after my paycheck comes in…  and I encourage everyone who loves art, street art, knit graffiti, indie films, the propagation of culture to donate too.  If you have just $10, you can help. Or, if you can’t donate cash, then tell all your friends!  Tweet it, email it, facebook it (if you’re like that), share it with everyone you know!  You never know who may have a few extra dollars to help finance an indie film.

“Yarn Bombing is an art form blossoming right now.  Imagine being in San Francisco when Ginsberg kicked off the Beat movement by reading Howl, or standing next to the Lumiere Brothers as they shoot the first motion picture. These are the defining times of Yarn bombing. It is only with the continued knowledge and appreciation of this movement, that it may continue to grow and someday move to the next generation.” – We Don’t Knit for Hate.


From the yarnbomb hinterlands

1 04 2011

Hello loves,

I know it’s been a little while.  Okay, a long while.  I’ve been pretty busy these days… But to reward you for your patience, I have lot’s of news to tell you about.

First, I was super happy to catch the call to fibre artists from microRevolt to create armbands to commemorate the 146 victims of a textile factory fire in NYC in 1911.  On March 22, they held a march in Boston where volunteers wore the armbands.  It looks like it went off really well.  You can read the post here. And I think – I think you can see my 167 armband in one of the pictures of the march.  Check out the man in the blue jacket.  Looks like my 167 anyway.

Segundo… This Sunday I’ll be in Kelowna at the Community Theatre with my girl Stucer to see Aidan Knight, Said the Whale and We Are the City and I’m so FREAKING excited about it.  So I’ve got a little yarnbomb up my sleeve for that…  Not saying much on it yet though.  Stay tuned, kids.  Pics will be up early next week.

In other, totally unrelated news, I may have to start a new blog.  Don’t worry – not to replace this one… just to have a place for a different topic.  Knitting for babies.  Yes, that’s right.  If the grapevine is particularly thick where you are and the news hasn’t come through yet, I have a bun in the oven.  Well, I guess that’s not totally unrelated news – actually, Swimmy’s the reason I haven’t been doing much yarnbombing these days.  I’ve been knitting baby stuff instead.  So, yea, there might be a new blog on that.  I’ll keep you posted (in my fashion).

So, short post today, but more coming soon.

knitified* out.

ps- one more thing…  Polson Park is getting torn up around a few of my old  yarnbombs, so once the construction is all done, I’ll have to replace them.  So far they’ve taken out a tree and a banister with my work on them…

Charting the Sweater

15 01 2011

Hello loves,

Happy New Year.  I’ll post again soon, but this is just a short one.

This post is a bit less knit graffiti and a bit more about my grossly overdue Christmas presents.  I was just having some rather geeky fun charting the pattern for the vintage-inspired Moto Guzzi race jacket I’m making for my Dad.  Thus far, I have knit up the the armpits on the back and still hadn’t put much thought into how the chart would fit in, so this morning I sat myself down and made me chart it out.  It needs to go over the shoulder blades in the trapezoidal shape between the raglan shoulders so it’s not too low on the back, and I was having a few problems figuring out how to get it centred and looking good.  What I ended up doing was charting the GUZZI part, cutting it out of the paper, then charting the decreases on the back and laying the pattern chart over top of the decrease chart and moving it around until I was happy with where it was.  Like this:




So now I can start the colourwork on the back and finish that section off.

Also, I have to say that I love working with the prairie wool.  The lanolin makes my hands feel really nice.

knitified* out.




28 05 2010

Hello friend,

my original sketch

So last night I shared a wonderful bond with my bro over a tattoo gun on my

forearm.    The tattoo took as long as one SNFU album (something green and

leafy this way comes) and two Minor Threat albums. Quality time with family… there is nothing better.

Nick and Dustin were both quite happy with my

A Collection of Tattoo Guns

little knitted tokens of thanks, if I am lead to believe correctly.  The guys at Five Fathoms are solid and Ben stayed late to allow Nicko to finish up on me.  Nice guys.

Lastly, I positively love love LOVE my new tattoo.  It’s just so… ME!  My favourite part is the simple addition of the little sparkles that Nick added.  They really make it, and also tie it to the four point stars that surround the Nuu Chah Nulth moon a bit further up on my arm.

My New Tattoo!!!

knitified, out.



I’m sort of a genious. (And not at all modest.)

26 05 2010

Hello friend,

So, I’ve just finished my two little knitted tattoo guns.  They’re SO CUTE!!!  I think they quailfy me as a JEENYUS!

I want to make more, but I’ll do those for me when I have more time… These two, as I mentioned in a previous post, are for my brutha, Nick Matovich (http://www.whatsa-matovich-you.com) who is in town this week doing a guest spot at Five Fathoms, and for Dustin at Five Fathoms who is rad and has a great shop (http://www.fivefathoms.net) and they are made in trade for the work Nick’s giving me tomorrow after work.\

Oh, and did I mention: YIKES!!! It’s been a while…

I’m super happy with how they turned out since it’s been such a long time since I’ve had to actually LOOK at a tattoo machine. Yes, all those hours doing sterilisation actually served a purpose in my life and now seem strangely relevant.

Anywho, goodnight for now. I’ll probably post again tomorrow night with pics of my new tattoo, if I’m not too much of a vegetable and if I remember to charge the batteries in my camera.  I want a picture of Nick tattooing with my knitting.  It’s a beautiful circle, really.  Me, interpretting Nick’s art form through mine; Nick likewise interpreting mine through his…

Knit or Die!

knitified, out.

Knit Shit

21 05 2010

For Anita.  Here’s to knit shits. Oh yea. And it’s made of phentex, and for all the world, the ONLY thing I can think of worthy of using phentex is shit.  Otherwise, it should be banished.

And now I’m dedicated to knitted tattoo guns.

Emergency Knitting

21 05 2010

Hey, Friend.

I just made a deal to trade knitting for tattoos. Now I have to knit up 2 tattoo machines before Thursday. All other WIPs are on HOLD UNTIL I FINISH THESE!!! Well, I will finish the little knit shit I’m making for Anita, because I only have about 30 minutes left work on it. But after that…
Or maybe one of them could be felt?
I’ll get this under control and keep updated.

Suggestions on execution are greatly appreciated, because I have no idea how this is going to work.

knitified out.

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