Charting the Sweater

15 01 2011

Hello loves,

Happy New Year.  I’ll post again soon, but this is just a short one.

This post is a bit less knit graffiti and a bit more about my grossly overdue Christmas presents.  I was just having some rather geeky fun charting the pattern for the vintage-inspired Moto Guzzi race jacket I’m making for my Dad.  Thus far, I have knit up the the armpits on the back and still hadn’t put much thought into how the chart would fit in, so this morning I sat myself down and made me chart it out.  It needs to go over the shoulder blades in the trapezoidal shape between the raglan shoulders so it’s not too low on the back, and I was having a few problems figuring out how to get it centred and looking good.  What I ended up doing was charting the GUZZI part, cutting it out of the paper, then charting the decreases on the back and laying the pattern chart over top of the decrease chart and moving it around until I was happy with where it was.  Like this:




So now I can start the colourwork on the back and finish that section off.

Also, I have to say that I love working with the prairie wool.  The lanolin makes my hands feel really nice.

knitified* out.






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