Yarnbombs, Fire Alarms and Randoms from the 19th Floor

13 09 2010

Hello loves,

Auckland was beautiful.  It’s a gorgeous city with lots of park spaces and funky little avenues and tall buildings and old trees and statues.  We left the city a few days ago and have made our way to Welly over the last few days via Coromandel and Rotorua.

We spent quite a bit of time in Albert Park on the way to and from our hotel and town, so I wanted to leave a little something there.  Two little yarnbombs – a sexy pink fishnet and a sassy pink flower.

I’ve only been in NZ for a week (I think…) but I’ve already learned a thing or two, cheif among those things is that fire alarms sound different here from at home.

This was a lesson of Auckland at 3:30 am when big brother came speaking at us through the ceilings and walls “The fire alarm has been activated in another part of the building.  Please stand by for directions.  The fire alarm has been activated in another part of the building.  You may evacuate if you wish.”  He repeated this for about 3 minute and then, “The fire alarm has been activated.  Please evacuate the building.”

So there we were, marching down 19 flights of stairs (me with my crocheted monkey and our passports) and out into the rainy night with all the other hotel guests and renters.  And there were 7 fire trucks.  And this is where I noticed that I had forgotten my knitting… slight panic hit me, I won’t lie.  And when they had it all cleared, we had to march our sleepy asses back up to the 19th.  That was fun, because by the time we got back up there, although we wereexhausted, our hearts were beating and our (my) adrenaline was racing and I couldn’t fall asleep.  So instead I listened to Auckland on a Saturday night.  Lots of laughing and crying and even a random haka.

More posts coming soon…

knitified* out.




4 responses

14 09 2010

Wow! That must have been freaky! There wasn’t actually a fire, was there? 7 fire trucks? Good to know they’re prepared for emergencies!

4 10 2010

Hey, I’m a tech reporter for the daily newspaper in Christchurch and was geocaching the other day and found one your yarnbombs (near waterwheel on Avon River, ChCh). Very cool. Can you please send me your email and then answer a few questions for a story on this activity? BTW, I’m a Calgary boy and been livin in ChCh for 10 years. Hope to hear from you. Will

5 10 2010

Hi Will,
Calgary? What a small world! You can email me at knitified (at) yahoo (dot) ca and I’d love to answer some questions. I’ll be in transit for the next couple of days, as I’m leaving Auckland in the morning for the long trip home… but I’ll email back as soon as I can.

3 03 2012
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[…] scribble brings me back and I get laughing. I should add one right now to the list of ONES: One firealarm to rule them all. Oh but wait. That happened […]

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