knitified* hits Vertigo

23 06 2010

So here’s the big deal:

knitified* is on the NOAA featured members wall at Gallery Vertigo in Vernon!!!  If you’re in Vernon, stop by to see it before July 31… Gallery Vertigo is open Tuesday-Saturday, 11 am-4 pm and they always have great shows.

I just might have to yarnbomb the little gallery that could.  Doesn’t the light switch on the members wall look like it’s begging for a cozy? Or maybe the banister going up the stair case?  Hmmm…

In other news, I’m knitting my ass off to get some little bombs done for my trip to Castlegar and the west Kootenays.  I think on the drive down and the drive back I should have ample time to get my little knits out.  So now it’s a question of volume. I need to knit.





3 responses

2 07 2010
Miss Brown

It’s Marissa! ❤
I love so much that I found your blog- you're amazing! Have yet to see your Vertigo show but will do soon! 😀
I just started a blog, it's very empty, help a buddy out?
Can I, like, friend your page? Hahahaha, how does WordPress work?

Everything looks lovely! Glad to find you here!


2 07 2010

I’ll add you as a link on my sidebar! Glad you found me! Say hi to Alana and see you soon.

4 07 2010

I went to see the exhibit yesterday and it was awesome! I especially like the “child-proofing” of the X-rated material – overlapping the pictures up high is brilliant! It’s like a peep show… tee-hee…

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