Why I Havent Been Knitifying

5 01 2010

First, happy new year. I know it’s been a while, but I have some explaining as to why it’s been so long.
So, the last time we went out to do some good clean knitifying, I found that trying to sew shit to trees in -15c is no fun. Not only that, I couldn’t feel my hands by 5 minutes in and I subscribe to the philosophy that using staples and zip straps is only okay if you really gotta be quick like a bunny, sly like a fox, in like Flynn and out like a light. None of my knitifications have necessitated this, so I use a needle and yarn. 
In addition, Stitch n Bitch was sorta on  hold (for me – the other ladies were ther, just not my slacker-ass) over the holidaze. I work on most of my knitifications there, so I haven’t been as productive, in terms of making knits to put out there. 
Also, and here’s where o start to lay on the excuses really thick, I was making Christmas knits before Christmas. I know, no motivation. 
But, it’s 2010 now, and with renewed concentration and a sense of humour sharper than my knitting needles and more twisted than a sheep wearing a cable-knit sweater and one paw (hoof?) in an electrical outlet, there go I. 
Tomorrow is the first SnB for Vernon of 2010 so I’ll be there working on something that doesn’t require much on the sewing front. Something easy to apply, like my favourites, bolt cozies/nut warmers. 
I should say, too, I have been working on something of a grander scale, but it won’t be done for some time yet. I’ll take some pics as soon as there’s something that makes sense. 
Ciao for now, my knittas!




2 responses

3 02 2010

Okay Lucy…you splained…but now make some more pretty knitty for Vernon to 'N' Joy…we been missing you….Love Ricky ;>)

3 02 2010

Dear Ricky,See latest entry. Love from Lucy.

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