Knitified Hugkumsmog

30 11 2009
Oh dear! 
Okay, Knitified is not saying where this one is.  It’s quite obvious driving past it heading south.  Stands right out, actually, and not just because it’s a big pink weenis.  I’ve been looking at the stub on this tree for a while thinking to myself… hugkumsmog!  Now it’s done.  I wonder how long it stays there?



3 responses

1 12 2009

Hey knitified…I bet I know where that one is…Knob Hill right near pecker park …I am right aren't I??? Inquiring minds wanna know…Hugz,The Mad Beader

1 05 2010
Grandmother's Legacy

Hahahha! I love that! I think this might just be my favorite tag that I have ever seen! Great job. I love how realistic it looks, as disturbing as that might be! Thank you for giving me a laugh.

4 05 2010

I’m glad you like it! I had a lot of fun making it and then sneaking out in the dark to put it there. The best part was that it lasted for a whole week before someone took it down!

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