Knitified Strikes Goddess!

20 11 2009

Okay, so I’ve been really busy teaching sock classes and basic knitting, so I haven’t had much to put up lately.  But here’s one.  A tiny hat to keep this little goddess warm.  She seems to like it.

Oh.  And as pointed out to me, the nuts on PV are no longer warm.  Boo to the maker of cold nuts!  Those nuts deserve to be warm!  Oh well, I guess they made a few weeks of a go there.  Better than the red ones, right?

Knitified Out.




2 responses

11 07 2010

I saw some of your stuff in Vernon… one knitted piece that looks like a knitted teapot in a tree.. so cool!

Saw Hawksley at Glastonbury, I understand the fascination…. and I wanted to weigh in on one of my favourite Canadians – Christopher Plummer. The man in very intelligent, witty, and has performed all over the world in movies and more importantly the theatre.

Lastly, ever heard of Art on the Farm? Cultus Lake outdoor art event…. your art would be a great fit. I organise the event and have been trying to find more and more ways to make art ON the farm. Your knitted style would be a great addition…. ever knitted a piece to a tractor? or digger?

check it out……….I live in Vernon and will check out your show…

12 07 2010

Hi, thanks for your comments!
I love the idea of knitting Christopher Plummer!!! He’s going on my list for sure! Should I do Plummer as he looks today? Or when he was younger? I think that’s a great idea… I can’t wait to start!
(Mmmm, Hawksley…)
Your event in Cultus Lake sounds really cool! The idea of knitting on a tractor is intriguing to me. There’s nothing that gets me more fired up and motivated than the prospect of a completely unreasonable project. (It’s not that I’m an over-achiever, it just that I’m not totally in touch with reality.) Can you tell me more?

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